Many businesses don’t understand the importance of applying search engine optimization strategies into their online marketing campaigns.

Here in SEOWall, we are proud to say that our clients are happy after they have seen the results of our work.



Client Testimonials:

Bruce Kirkpatrick - Bruce Kirkpatrick, International Web Media, LLC says: As a web developer and search engine optimization (SEO) service provider myself, I am very critical of the work done for our clients. Zaldy is a very professional SEO expert and a great English communicator. His team works long hours to make sure your rankings and traffic improve. We have seen improvements in rankings on very competitive real estate keywords in just a few weeks on several domains that hadn’t had any improvement in months. We have chosen Zaldy to take over the search engine optimization for several of our client’s domains. He provides us services such as copywriting, link building, link research and on-site SEO at very affordable prices. Even though we are each on opposite sides of the world, it seems like Zaldy is right here with us every day quickly answering emails and accurately meeting our needs. Thank you for the great job on our web sites and I hope that our relationship will continue for a long time!

- Miles Woolgar,  Senior Client Manager at Strategy Internet Marketing says: Zaldy produced content for us on numerous occasions. He also helped us with our online PR campaigns. Good work!