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Harnessing The Power Of User Generated Content For SEO

The content of your site is very important if you want to have good Google rankings or Bing rankings for that matter. Search engines gauge how relevant your site is to the keyword being searched by looking at what your site’s content is. There are a lot of ways you can have content for your site. If it is a blog, you can regularly post things and you would have plenty of good content which search engines love as long as the content is unique and not copied from anywhere on the web.

If your site is not a blog though, how could you create that much content which would have search engines going crazy about your page? For example, if you have a site where you are selling products, a good description for each item would give your site plenty of good content. It would also give you a way to encourage your viewers further to purchase what you are selling.

The flip side to having descriptions for each and every product you have on your site is that it would take a lot of time to cover everything. This is more challenging if you are adding hundreds of products to your online catalogue every week. You can either hire writers to write the descriptions for you, or take advantage of user generated content.

By letting people post reviews about your products, the ones they have bought or posting questions about items they would like to buy, you would have plenty of people adding content to your site without any input from you. Of course, you would have to moderate some of these reviews especially if they are spamming or just not helpful at all. People love to have their voice out there on the World Wide Web and you can take advantage of that by simply having a review option for your products just like what Amazon is doing on their site. You can also be sure that the content added to your site would be unique especially if you get lengthy and helpful reviews about one of your products.

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