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Google Search Console Performance Report Gives Fresher Data

Google announced yesterday, September 23, that Performance Reports in Google Search Console will now provide fresher data meaning you don’t have to wait Wednesday for the weekend report but you can view them on Mondays, a great development for us all.

Here is a screen shot from Google showing data as recent at 6 hours ago:

Google Search Console Performace Report Fresh Data

Google also updated the report to clearly communicate the data timezone (Pacific time zone).

Google Search Console Date Picker

This latest update in the Search Console will help us understand better our site’s performance and identify trends, patterns and interesting changes faster than before.


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Leveraging Local SEO

Leveraging Local SEO

Here’s a recap of my talk last weekend in the First Iloilo SEO Conference. The powerpoint presentation is also at the bottom of this post.

Local SEO is all about taking a NAP

Name, Address and Phone Number – the most important things when you are doing local search engine optimization. You should establish consistency with your NAP across the web, from your website to all the major data providers.

Name – stick with your business name. There’s nothing more like being known for a single brand name.

Address – be consistent on how you display it. If the displayed address on your website writes 206-A Antel Seaview Towers, Roxas Boulevard, then it should be submitted to data providers as is, not like 206 Tower A, Antel Seaview Towers, Roxas Blvd.

Phone number – have the same number across the web. No toll free phone numbers, no tracking phone numbers. local area code provides more accuracy.

Local SEO On-Page Components

Geo Specific Keyword Targetting – a must within your meta tags, h1 tags, body

Title Tags:

Meta Tags:

How to find web citations for your local seo campaign

Competitive research – perform a competitor NAP search and you will be presented with citations that they have.

Citation tools:

Local Citation Finder


More citation tools worth to mention –

The Local Search Cycle 2012

Localeze and Infogroup – major data providers that emerged as the top source of local search giants such Google places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local as well as big social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Social Media Marketing

Taking Advantage of Social Media to Popularize Your Brand

The internet has grown so much that it is not surprising to see people get to interact more with each other online than in real life. This is why social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are experiencing exponential growth through the past years. For someone with an online business, taking advantage of millions of people on social networks could prove to be one of the best moves they can make.

Creating an online reputation is a slow process. You have to gain the trust of a handful of people in the beginning so that they would only have good things to say about your product or your brand. If these people are heavily engaged in social networking sites, they could easily send hundreds of people to check out your products or services.

Let’s say you are selling a product for fishermen and one of your first consumers has plenty of fishermen friends using Facebook, he can give you a good feedback and post it on his wall especially if you have gone the extra mile in serving them. Once his or her friends read that feedback, they would be easily persuaded to check out your products because the review came from a person who they trust. Now what if you have hundreds of people posting positive things about your site on social networking site? That would seriously make your brand popular which is always a good thing.

To fully take advantage of this social media revolution, it is strongly recommended that you be visible on these social media sites. For example, in Facebook, you can create a page for your company and add an app that would be of help to people who are checking out your page on said site. The more useful your Facebook application, the better chance you have of turning your visitors to paying customer which is what you should be aiming for right from the start. This means that social media sites are not only great for having your customers spread the word about you but also a good way to find potential clients.

Bing and Yahoo

Bing And Yahoo To Have Very Similar Algorithm

Optimizing your site for search engines has a lot to do about understanding what factors search engines take into account when ranking sites in the search engine result pages. If you have a very good idea of what a search engine likes or what they do not like, you do everything on your site to make search engines like it better.

Google is currently perched at the top of the search engine mountain which means plenty of people are optimizing theirs sites to make them look good to Google. But two major search engines are teaming up to try and get the top spot from the big G.

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Yahoo! signed a deal that would have the two giants working side by side to make both Bing and Yahoo! better alternatives to Google. They have a lot of ground to cover though as Google has millions of users and unless they come up with something revolutionary, they would not be able to take as many people as they want off Google.

For online marketers with their search engine optimization campaigns in place, the deal between Microsoft, the makers of Bing and Yahoo! means they have to adjust their campaign to take into consideration any advancement in the field of search engine algorithm made by these two entities.

David Roth, search engine marketing director of Yahoo though recently said that the two search engines would have very similar result pages. This of course means that if you are ranking well in Bing, you would also do great on Yahoo SERPs.

There will be some small changes though as both companies are already injecting cash into making both search engines better. Through the following months therefore, marketers should look carefully at the way these search engines are behaving and what they like for sites to have. If you can get a clue on how their algorithm works and what factors are being considered, you might get a whole lot more visitors in the very near future. As of now, the changes made to both search engines are being tested and would be eventually used widely.

organic search result

British Prefer Organic Search Result to Ads

The British got it all right when it comes to internet marketing based on the result of the study conducted by Search Attitudes. The study involved asking people which they prefer, relying on natural search results or clicking on ads that come with the search engine results.

This means that for webmasters aiming to have a lock at the British online market, search engine optimization is of essence. Pay per click ads is sometimes great because if you bid high enough, your site would be listed above or on the side of the organic search engine results. Some people tend to mistake these ads as part of the organic search engine result thus clicking them. Majority of Britons asked for the study though are discerning and know about these ads and they prefer on clicking on the organic search results.

The study also shows that the younger generation in the United Kingdom, half of the respondents of the 18-24 years old demographic to be exact, are using real-time search from sites like Twitter. For webmasters, this means that to put their brand in front of these youngsters, they have to have a solid social media marketing plan. That is having a presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

What this study shows to webmasters is that you can always pay for ads to take a shortcut to the top of the search list, but you could not bank on it to have people trusting to go to your site. After all, people who are Internet savvy would know that there is a reason why a site is ranked first on the organic search result and that reason is good enough for them to choose it over a site which has paid to be placed in front of them.

If you therefore have a website and you want more people to get to know your brand, look at and buy your products and services, one of the best investments you can make is to hire an SEO consultant or study about the whole thing and use it to make your site more search engine friendly as well as usable and practical for human visitors.

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